Professor Wolgath A Christian Fiction Novel
The Wonderful
Professor Wolgath "There are few sights in this world so pitiful, so effective at the thumping of one's heartstrings, as that of a fine dog watching his affectionate master reach for his hat and coat by the door."
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 When Lucius Wolgath boards a ship on the pretext of some business, it is soon clear to him that something is terribly wrong. His bride to be, Alexcena, also grows fearful during his absence as it stretches longer and longer beyond his expected return. A confession from an unlikely source soon reveals to her what Lucius already knows. That the ship carrying him could not possibly have returned in a matter of weeks, because it was in fact bound for the dreaded American Colonies. Lucius is determined to save himself in order to return to Alexcena, in spite of the threat of many dangers in the American wilderness. Alexcena is equally determined to rescue her beloved, but she is fearful of the condition she will find him in... if they ever see one another again. In the Year of Our Lord 1764
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(the fine dog)
Novel Published 2015
Neck Reigned Publishing, LLC
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